Tuesday, April 28, 2020

1956 Buck Baker Completed

Today was a major accomplishment for me...I completed my first build since 2013! After being essentially forced out of the hobby for health reasons at that time, I've back...and hopefully will be better than ever, LOL. I see a couple spots I need to fix- the lights, specifically. I actually left this build in progress back in 2013, and got it out just yesterday. When I "gave up" I had already gotten Team Caliber's fantasy stuff off, so all I had to do was decal it, rob a tire off a donor as one went missing, and hit the headlight and taillight blockoffs with silver Sharpie, and it was done. This is Buck Baker's 1956 Champion winning car. It's the second 3-digit car I've done, both Kiekheifer cars. It won't be the last...

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