Sunday, April 10, 2016

Model Cars Magazine hits issue #200

I went to the local hobby shop today and got the two latest issues of Model Cars Magazine...I was surprised to see that issue #200 has been reached!

That's quite a milestone. I began reading it around 2000. May have been 2001, but no later, and I know not earlier for sure. I don't remember my first issue number but I do remember the cover feature was the "Las Vegas" lowrider model. Someday I'll get my magazines out and scan all the covers and then I'll know for sure.

I think my first issue number may have been in the 50s or 70s or something, It was before #100, that's for sure.

I just wanted to get a post up to congratulate MCM for hitting 200. Here's to 200 more!

I haven't actually read it yet but I will have it read within 24 hours.

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