Saturday, October 22, 2016

HVHMG 2016 Show Highlights

I went to the HVHMG show that was held today, and of which I am a member of the host club. Had a GREAT time. I judged 6 categories and for the first time played a role in best of show judging. As such I know, for the first time, which models won each category. They will be labeled as such here.

I took more than 300 photos and I am posting them to our club website- you can find them HERE. I have chosen only to post the highlights- IE, the best pictures- here.

Fair warning, there is some scale nudity at the link above.


Best Aircraft

Best Automotive & Best In Show. Sorry for poor picture

Best Armor

People's Choice

Best Ship

Best Figure

Best of the Rest

Best Diorama

Best Junior