Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Glue = Woo Hoo! (Liquid cement review)

My first Product review on the blog and a Progress post.

Several years back, I don't know when exactly but it was after I joined the TNMCC in 2002, I began using Ambroid Pro-Weld liquid cement. It was a huge upgrade over the Testors tube glue I had been using exclusively beforehand, and it made my model building much cleaner. My best work was done in the era of the first Amrboid Pro-Weld.

Then it went away. I never found out what the problem was, although I did read much speculation no facts were ever supplied.

I had to switch to the two different versions of Plastruct Bondene which are neither as strong as Ambroid Pro-Weld was. It was the best I had access to, but it was not as satisfactory as Ambroid was.

Amrbroid then came back, but it wasn't as good as it once was. It was also nearly impossible to find. it was only marginally better than the Bondene and it seemed to evaporate faster than it did before, even though I made sure to keep the lid extremely tight.

I was only able to find two jars of Ambroid the last time I was able to find any, and that was 3 years ago at the AMPS East vendor room. I am just about out of it now, and the hunt was on to restock.

It seems Ambroid is gone again- I could not find it anywhere, even online. The hunt moved to finding a replacement.

First I ordered some of the Squadron brand liquid glue...and after it arrived, it was pretty disappointing to me with how badly it smelled- it was too strong for me to use.  I didn't even try it on a model because it smelled so bad.

I then ordered Micro-Mark's Same Stuff, and it arrived today.

YES! This is what I need! It works like Ambroid did the first time- fast and solid, pretty much perfect. I have finally found the perfect glue for me again. I have not had anything this good since the first Ambroid went away years ago. I don't remember exactly when that was, but I think my supply of the original ran out in 2009 or 2010.

I tested it out on a Trumpeter 1/144th scale F-86F-40-NA Sabre that I had handy. I don't remember when or where I got this kit, but I had it in easy reach so it became the test subject.

All the work seen here was accomplished in roughly 50 minutes using the new "Same Stuff". The pictures aren't that great but they get the job done.

Note that on the top of the aircraft you cannot see where the two halves of the fuselage are joined. You can see where it was in the area that will be covered by the seat after I get some paintwork done. You can see it a little on the bottom but I put much more effort into the top of the plane, just like my car builds.

That's good stuff! 

I would have accomplished more but the temperature was dropping and I had to close my window.

This marks the first time I've ever modeled the open panels on the side of an aircraft. I think they are called air brakes but I am not totally sure, I am still learning about aircraft. I'll be sticking a rod up it's exhaust area and getting it into paint/primer soon. The decals it came with are Japanese Home Defense Force but I'm not sure they are going to work, they don't look promising on the decal paper, but I'll give them a shot as I have absolutely no aircraft decal stash to pull from.

Here is a picture of the Same Stuff next to the last remnants of my Ambroid.

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  1. Those bottles are almost identical....I am so glad it works like the original ambroid for you.