Monday, April 18, 2016

NNL East 2016 Highlights

The 2016 NNL East was the 30th anniversary of the show, and while the NNL East is the largest model car show in the world already- this year it was even bigger! I've been going to the show since 2001 and this is the largest crowd and the largest group of models I've seen on the tables. It was the most fun I've had at an NNL East ever, it blew by so fast that it was over in a what seemed like a few minutes, instead of being there from 6:30 AM to 4 PM. The NNL always gets done too quickly but this year it felt like it even more so, if that makes sense.

I did not get as many pictures as I wanted to- I was in a lot of physical pain that day. The motel room we stayed in was, to be blunt, terrible, and it caused me an immense amount of pain. (I am in pain 24/7 to begin with, and the room exacerbated it.). So, I got less pictures and they aren't as good quality wise as I would like them to be.

But here are some highlights anyway, and a link to the rest is at the bottom of the post. The Revell, AMT and Mobius displays will get their own post.

First, here is what I brought to the show.

For the theme, since it was the 30th Anniversary, was 30s cars, so I brought out my Pro Street Cord.
I also brought my Torino, which I posted here recently. It didn't photograph much better there, it's a hard color to get.
Now, here are just some highlights of other people's builds that I was able to get photos of.

You might recognize this build from seeing it in the TNMCC meeting coverage in primer as recently as March!

In addition to the models on display, there were also some interesting real cars in the parking lot.

Here is the link to all the pictures I took at the show, 267 total.

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  1. I'm glad you took all these; I hardly got to see any this year. Too much yakking, not enough walking, I guess. LOL