Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1948 Tucker

This was my first resin model, produced by the Modelhaus. I built this, and took these photos, back in 2006. It is the most popular model I've ever built- when I posted it on the Hobby Heaven message board back in 2006, it received over 200 compliments and over 1000 views. It's one of my favorite models I've ever built, and is one of the few resins I've actually completed.

The paint is Tamiya gold over Tamiya gray primer.

I painted it to match the only real Tucker I've ever seen in person, at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum in October 2003. the only difference was that I gave it a red interior instead of gray as the real car had- I had no references for a gray interior but I did find some red interior shots online. I didn't think to take any of the inside when I saw it in 2003.


  1. This could very well be my most favorite model you have built. It looks real. The reason we don't have any shots of the interior of the one at the museum is because it was almost closing time when we got to that part of the exhibit and we also could not get really close up. I like yours better.

    1. I'm glad you remembered that because I sure didn't!