Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1992 Brett Bodine Quaker State Thunderbird Completed!

My 100th NASCAR model! Finished 7/12/2017, this car was chosen to be my 100th completed 1/24 plastic NASCAR model because it is this car, in 1/64 scale diecast, that was the first NASCAR race car I ever had in my collection. it was chosen in the summer of 1992 because it was green. This is a Monogram kit with AMT kit decals, and a big thank you goes to Mike Herman of Mike's Decals, who helped me out when my only copy of the decal sheet was defective. All the numbers and sponsor graphics are doubled. contingencies come from the kit decals (in retrospect a poor choice), PowerSlide, JNJ, UpScale and Blue Ridge. I was unable to find a second copy of the Gilette contingency for the right side. Included in the post are the original Marchbox car that kicked off my love of the sport at 7 years old, and a reference photo of the real car that I based the decal placement on, which I believe is Daytona 500 1992.
I began building NASCAR models in 2004, finally feeling my skills were ready, though I have lost some of the skills I once had, I am still trying. I began working on this body back in 2011, I wrote it on the inside of the trunk! It has been my one and only modeling "new year's resolution" to get model #100 for three years running now, and I can finally say I've accomplished it!

 It was also the first model I used the new Molotow Chrome pen on- it appears on the fuel filler, hubs, dashboard and fire extinguisher.

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