Thursday, August 18, 2016

1992 Terry Labonte Sunoco Oldsmobile Progress

Yeah, I actually have a progress report! It feels good to write that. I have not had much progress to show on anything in a very long time; the last time I really worked on a NASCAR model was 2014. I've been stuck at 98 completed NASCAR models and I have set a goal for the past two years to hit #100. I didn't get that far but I DID get #99 almost done today. The body has been painted and ready to go for over a year, the chassis mostly ready as well, but I stalled out anyway.

Last night I decided to pull it out and work on it again, and I was able to make a LOT of progress. I got almost all the decaling done, but I was not able to finish because I had to paint the black on the C pillars, which I did after I finished decaling today. I also have not done the tire decals yet. Once the paint (clear on the latter) dries in a few days I will be able to finish decaling. I have 9 decals left so it won't take long. I have to paint the suspension, finish the windows, paint the cowl, find, paint and install a seat (I've lost THREE in the process of this build since 2014) and then it will be done.

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